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Regular Expenditure

Currently, around one hundred and fifty two monks are dwelling in K.D.D.College, including teachers and students, whereas around sixty three novice monks are accommodating at Primary School of K.D.D.College. Total two hundreds and fifteen (215) monks are participating in daily function of this institution. All their fundamental requisites are being managed by K.D.D.College. And, their daily expenditure for food is around two hundreds dollar ($ 200) per day and six thousands dollar ($ 6000) per month, and seventy two thousand dollar ($ 72000) per year.
In addition, another expenditure for providing basic necessaries including: allowances for Khenpos and teachers, staffs’ salary, scholarship, medicine, books, bed, outfit, water and power , phone and internet bills, copy printing and appliances of Primary School and K.D.D.College is around three thousand six hundred and sixty dollar ($ 3660) per month and forty three thousand nine hundred and twenty dollar $ (43920) per year. Hence, over all, yearly expenditure of this institution is around one hundred fifteen thousand and nine hundreds twenty dollars ($ 115,920).
In short, it is equal to one and half dollar ($ 1.50) for each monk for per day is required for basic provisions.

Daily expenditure of serving Food & tea to 215 monks

Time—–Foods & Drinking———Rupees—-Dollar
7:00—–Tibetan tea with Tingmo–3000——-$47
9:30—–Sugar Tea—————-1000——-$15.50
3:00—–Sugar Tea—————-1000——-$15.50
Each monk’s provision cost is 63 rupees per day!
$ 0.97 is daily cost of each monk’s basic necessary of eating and drinking; anyone who likes to help or donate $ 0.97 per day would be great help and support to us and highly appreciated.

Expenditure of serving special feast to 215 monks for a whole day

7:00—-Tsampa & Tibetan tea—-2500———$39
9:30—-Bread with Milk tea—–4500———$70
3:00—Milk tea with Cookies—-3500———$54

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